Create excitement at your next party or event with creative activities for your guests. From face painting to puppet shows for children or tarot readings to henna body decorating for the adults, your imagination can be your guide! We will work with you to customize a party activity suited to any age range that will make your next party memorable. Below is just a sample of party activities available. WE HAVE MORE! Call for details. Click to view photos.


Puppet Shows For Children of All Ages

Puppet Crafts

We'll provide materials for children to make there own puppets. Takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes!

Animals Around the World

Sam takes a trip around the world to discover his favorite animal

"Are You My Momma?"

A baby dinosour falls our of its nest and sets off to find its momma

Danny the Dragon

Danny gets lost in the woods and learns lessons about obeying his parents and telling the truth

The Elf That Saved Christmas

Rudolf is missing! Oh no!

The Frog Prince

Adapted from the classic fairy tale. Complete with songs

The Lion and the Mouse

The classic Aesops fairy tale. "Even small people can do great things"

Little Red Riding Hood

The classic tale, with a modern twist. Told from the wolfs point of view. Nobody gets eaten!

The Pirate and the Magical Clam

A silly pirate gets four wishes from a magical clam. What will he wish for?

Pre-School Puppet Playtime

The puppets pay games and sing songs with children in a circle. No formal stage is used

There's A Monster in My Closet!

Great for Halloween! Red learns to face her fears.



Caricatures Deluxe Face Painting or Airbrush Painting


Henna Tatoos: Tarot Card Readings Also,

Palm Readings

Crystal Ball

Handwriting Analysis

Color Readings



... And MORE!

Moon Bounce:



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